About Us

About the Family Nurturing Center of Florida

Our mission is to provide a nurturing environment for families impacted by divorce, custody battles, and domestic violence, by keeping children safe during these challenging times and helping parents foster positive relationships with their children. Our vision is a community of nurturing care for our children, led by parents and supported by everyone who touches the life of a child.

We opened in 1993 as the Family Visitation Center, the first of its kind in Florida. It was the brainchild of the Honorable Judge Dorothy Pate, who was moved to act after hearing frequent complaints from parents who were not being allowed to see their children who had been placed in foster care.

Representatives from the Department of Children, the Children’s Home Society and the Junior League of Jacksonville met with Judge Pate to discuss a new concept called “supervised visitation.” Since that meeting, we have expanded our agency to include three programs at four locations and changed our name to reflect this growing commitment to improving the lives of families throughout Northeast Florida