Training & Consulting

We offer a variety of training programs to other professionals.

The Nurturing Parenting Programs are proven, evidence-based programs that are primarily designed for the prevention and treatment of child abuse and neglect. Nurturing Parenting Programs meet and exceed the Six Protective Factors identified by the government for the prevention and treatment of Child Abuse and Neglect. Departments of social services, as well as other branches and organizations in the helping professions, have relied upon these programs as a primary parenting program to break the generational cycle of child maltreatment and family dysfunction.

Nurturing Parenting Programs offer flexibility of implementation while keeping program fidelity. Sessions are offered for parents and their children in group-based settings, home-based settings, and a combination of group based and home-based settings. Lessons can be taught one-to-one or in small and large groups. Programs are offered for prevention, intervention, and treatment of child abuse and neglect.

We also work with other visitation centers (or groups wishing to learn more about starting a visitation center) by hosting site visits and working with teams to streamline operations to achieve greater efficiency.  We pioneered a fully integrated client management system that is available through SecureCases.  This system handles all client engagement and reporting including scheduling, billing, communications, and more.