About Us

Family Nurturing Center (FNC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the needs of children and families in crisis throughout Florida.  Established in 1993 as the Family Visitation Center, our mission is to provide a nurturing environment for families impacted by divorce, custody battles, and domestic violence, by keeping children safe during these challenging times and helping parents foster positive relationships with their children.  Since those first visits for children in foster care, we’ve expanded to include specialized programs in multiple locations.  By providing a safe and nurturing environment for supervised visitations and exchanges, we are able to strengthen family relationships, decrease the incidences of domestic violence within the community, and promote healthy relationships for children and their parents. Judges from Duval County, Nassau County, Clay County, and others continuously order families to utilize FNC services as they work through the sensitive family court matters. 

Our most significant accomplishments are strategic partnerships with other local human service agencies such as domestic violence shelters and other agencies to provide comprehensive services to families who need more intensive services.  In March, 2009, we launched a new service center in partnership with the First Coast YMCA, integrating visitation and exchange services in a community based location.  In July, 2011, we expanded this partnership to open a center in Yulee, replicating the success of our Clay County project. In October of 2018 FNC partnered with the Nassau County School Board to move from the YMCA to the Yulee Community Education Center. 

Through these partnerships FNC is able to serve Duval, Nassau, Clay, Baker and surrounding counties. Families come from all over for the state and the country to utilize FNC’s expertise and professional handling of each family.

Our programs are designed to promote a community of nurturing care for every child, led by parents and supported by everyone who touches the life of a child.  Our supervised visitation and monitored exchanges are designed for parents and families impacted by divorce, custody battles, and domestic violence.

  • By providing supervised visitations, we make sure that children are able to spend time with their parent while being kept safe from abuse or neglect, and ensure children are not exposed to parents who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Through monitored exchanges, we ensure that children are able to continue their relationship with both parents after a separation or when there is domestic violence which makes it unsafe for parents to communicate directly with each other.