Supervised Visitation

It’s tough to imagine coming to a “supervised visitation” center.  If you are reading this page, perhaps a Judge has ordered you to our program.  You may be angry, hurt, confused, and perhaps even panicked.

Supervised visitation, while perhaps uncomfortable for parents, is an important part of your child’s life.  We’ll try to answer some questions here, both for families who may be anticipating supervised visits and for families already enrolled in our program.

Safety is our first focus in supervised visitation.  Before we provide supervised visitations, we require that both parents complete an orientation session with our staff.  Each parent will have a separate orientation session.  In order to schedule an orientation session, we require that some background information be provided so that we can plan for your needs.  The step by step process is as follows:

1. Contact FNC by phone at 904-389-4244  or complete the following inquiry form by  clicking here.

2. You will be sent an email with instructions on how to log into our secure system.  Once logged in, you will update your personal contact information, provide the child(ren)’s information, and complete a “Case History Form.”  Once this is completed, you must then contact the office to schedule your appointment.

3. You will attend your orientation appointment.  If the other parent has already completed their orientation, your case will generally be opened within 2 business days.  Both parents must complete an orientation session within 60 days of each other in order for us to move forward.  Each parent is responsible for a $75.00 orientation & intake fee.

4. Once your case is open, you will be able to schedule appointments using our online secure scheduling system.  Each parent may propose appointment dates and times based on FNC availability.  Our scheduling system is “real time,” so it is important to log in regularly to respond to appointment requests.

How will FNC keep me/my child(ren) safe?

We have a number of procedures in place to address safety concerns.  Safety planning starts with our orientation process, where we learn more about your family and your specific issues and concerns.  Based on the orientation process, we will determine which of our centers is best suited to meet your needs.  Regardless of which location you are assigned to, each parent will be assigned different arrival and departure times.

Below are some images from our Duval County location, which can provide a better idea of the space available to our families.