Friends of the Family

Friends of the Family

In 2014, we established our inaugural Friends of the Family giving circle.   Friends of the Family is an exclusive group of donors who understand the importance of safe visitation and exchange services in their community.  Our Friends of the Family help us move our mission forward and with their support, we are able to provide thousands of children with a safe place to build a healthy, positive relationship with their parent.

We gratefully recognize the following donors, who have collectively given $43,200 to support the long term sustainability of our work, and share in their own words of why FNC is important to them. 

Ashley M. Myers

I believe that it benefits our entire community, and thus should be a community goal, to assist a family in crisis by preserving whatever healthy family bonds remain.  The FNC exceeds expectations in their efforts to safely facilitate contact and access between parents and children during family crisis.  The FNC is aptly named as a “nurturing” center.  The folks at FNC not only protect the physical and emotional health of all participants, but do so in a manner that allows those participants to maintain their dignity and self-respect.


Law Office of Denise Watson

Ned & Sue Price

Ed & Elizabeth Johnson

Sharon Johnson & Gary Hall, in memory of Daphine Busby

Stella Johnson

The Family Nurturing Center gives children in our community a special place to experience the joy of childhood in the midst of crisis.  Regardless of the reasons that brought them to the center, every child deserves the opportunity to be special and important in their parents’ world.   

Sandra Mathis

Steven B. Whittington, Whittington & Culbert, PA

In that the family is an essential building block for a society to thrive and produce healthy, well-rounded citizens and because not all families function as they should, I am so grateful that the Family Nurturing Center exists to do what is stated in its very name–“nurture”–families that are in crisis.  I am so proud to be a friend of FNC and gladly sing its praises whenever I can. 

If you are interested in becoming a Friend of the Family, please contact us.