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Our programs are designed to promote a community of nurturing care for every child, led by parents and supported by everyone who touches the life of a child. Our supervised visitation, monitored exchanges, parent education classes, and social investigations are designed for parents and families impacted by divorce, custody battles, and domestic violence.

  • By providing supervised visitations, we make sure that children are able to spend time with their parent while being kept safe from abuse or neglect, and ensure children are not exposed to parents who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Through monitored exchanges, we ensure that children are able to continue their relationship with both parents after a separation or when there is domestic violence which makes it unsafe for parents to communicate directly with each other.
  • Our parent education offers the skills necessary for parents to support the growth and well-being of their children, provide appropriate discipline, and effective family communication.

Please visit our program pages for more detailed information, including how to enroll and commonly asked questions.