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Services such as ours are difficult to quantify in terms of impact and change. The effects are not easily measurable, nor immediately recognized. We cannot tell you how many more words a person can read, or how many meals we served to hungry people. However, the impact our service has on clients is significant and best captured in their own words.

“I wanted to thank you all for facilitating my being able to visit with my sons. While the visits are always bitter-sweet (bitter, in that they are so short; sweet, in that I get to see my boys), I really do appreciate the function that your facility serves. Each visit is very emotional for me. Without your facility, I wouldn’t get to see my kids at all. Thank you for all that you do.”

“I wanted to take the time as a father to thank you and your staff for providing a location for me to spend time with my beautiful son. The court battles back and forth for months and months are terrible enough. Not being able to see my son. Words cannot express the pain. Having your staff and location to let me be with my son for as little as two hours each week was the most important two hours of each week. It was the only thing I thought of every week!!”

“All the parents in my position felt that having to meet at your center is not fair, it is very very terrible that we/they can’t be with their children like others going through the court system, but the bottom line was you all were there and provided us that location and the opportunity to spend time with our children. I can’t thank you enough.”

“Hi , I am reaching out to let you guys know that my son & I are canceling our next appointment because our court order visitation has been changed to unsupervised finally! We are so very thankful for all your services and your staff. You made our visits more comfortable and in a setting that felt as close to ” home like” as possible. We are thankful that we were able to see each other in your facility.”

“I am grateful to your facility for ensuring our daughter can have a visit in a peaceful, happy setting.”

“Thank you for your role in this matter. This is one of those times when you can be sure you made a difference in the life of a very special individual and in her family’s life. Everything we’ve done has been to protect and care for our daughter. We are so glad we will be able to resume protecting, caring for, and having happy moments with her again.”

Our visitation and exchange services are not just about the families that need our program. While not all parents in the midst of separation need FNC’s services, the impact extends to our community at large. Our programs offer parents the chance to put their children first and protect childhood today, for stronger families tomorrow.

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